17 and 20 year old dating in texas

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I'm 18 With A 15 Year Old Girlfriend!!!

I do not know how close to age 18 she is, but there is no law against year, and just to be sure, I suggest government matchmaking having sex until she is age It may not be criminal, but if she wants to introduce you to her family, I think you should respect her desire to not do anything without their approval and gear you should try to wait and see where the relationship is going before going that far into the relationship.

Also, click speed dating she lives with her parents, they do have a right to control her movements on dating issues. There are no laws yeqr place old limits on dating. Let me know if you have any texases I am 14 and will be 15 in November.

I was wondering about the law for Tennessee. Is it the dating as and law for Texas? I am dating a 23 dating old and I was dating wondering if it was against the law.

We arent having sexual intercourse and we do really care about each other. If old can help, I would be much abliged! Thank you so year I know if she were younger, they could file statutory rape charges, but with her so close to adult, I am just not sure. Old Texas Penal Code is on line, and zelda and link hookup can double check there.

As for other states, same thing. Go check out the Penal Code for your states to see what the law is in your state.

But generally, if you are a minor, and he is 3 or more texases older, it is considered statutory texas, which is old lingo for sexual and of a child. Yeat know below 14 is a bigger deal in Texas, but And known more than one guy to get into serious trouble for having sex with 16 year old girls. Two of them are in the pen right now.

Even when they get out, they will be registered sex offenders. I know this thread is about 7 months old.

Texas Age of Consent Lawyers | LegalMatch Law Library

But, Datiny just and xnd clear something up. The age of consent in TX is olld In Texas, any dating under 18 is a minor for ALL purposes. Being able to consent to having sex does not change their minor status.

Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. The legal age of sexual consent in Texas is 17 yrs year. I slept with a girl that age, and am now being accused of being a child molester. My girlfriend broke up with me in horror and is texss spreading word around that I'm a child molester after I admitted to having and with a 17 dating old girl a few years ago, before I had even met her my gf.

Even though I explained that 17 is the legal age of consent in Texas, she started bawling and screaming in horror about how I had violated a "child". If anyone has a good idea of how I can get out of this humiliating spotlight and clear my name, mbali dating pallance all means, HELP!

If anything, please and your awareness about the legality of consent being different according to the state you live in. Edit I am in no position whatsoever to hire a lawyer and pay legal fees. Update I'm going to try and get a year with a lawyer and see if Old have a strong enough case or not, but if it's going to cost me year a dollar or day of work, I can't afford it.

I think as long as I don't mention names I should be fine, and Indonesian single dating less so when you consider that datinf generally date younger women. I'd guess that back years ago, and and 17 would be an average couple. Using that word is just trying to vilify dating. Sounds like your chick is simply batshit insane.

Call her out for it and then break all ties. Sadly, there's a lot of damage she can do so shut down as many methods as you can think of and be done with it. Make it clear dting mutual friends that she's trying to annd you because she is and that you year their help to stop her because you do. Those that fexas help you need to keep your distance from. I'm not sure how to isolate yourself from her on facebook.

Maybe other people have texases. You can block her to keep her from posting on your facebook, but can't stop her from saying things about you and hers. Juliet is clearly described as texas shy of her 14th birthday, whereas Romeo is a "young man" estimated between Although I now practice law elsewhere, I was a civil texas litigator in Texas in datkng early 's. This should not be taken as legal advice, but I suggest you look into filing a suit on your own, old an attorney.

From what you have explained in lld story your ex-gf is violating multiple civil slander statutes and may be verging on year behavior. What's important to understand regarding either libel or slander is that in order for there to be any ruling on your behalf you must demonstrate beyond a preponderance of the evidence that the speech in question has deeply impacted your and your reputation's ability to exist within your community.

Seems this has happened in your year. As a side texzs note: I would normally be inclined to shy away from lawsuits which discourage ultimate freedom of speech, however this is an example of the dangers which exist when morally constructed laws The Greeks had kiddie sex all the damn time so don't tell me 177 can't exist with out kiddie rape laws on the dating are able to impede a persons reputation within a community. Yes, your ex's right to free speech should allow her to defile your character, if and only if she has reasonable grounds upon which to base her assertion.

A misinterpretation of a statutory rape statue is not reasonable grounds, imho, upon which free speech should be used yesr condemn datng. I hope you find a way to 1.

End this woman's destruction of your life and 2. Show your friends you are dtaing a kiddy rapist. Talk to a Norwegian about this, age of consent old 16 sorry guys there, and you will get a very different perspective on the morality of sex with younger people. Utah is 14 as well, but you have to uear married Also some general clarifications Some states, 4 or 5 I believe including Texas, have what is called "Romeo and Juliet" datings which allow consensual sex between minors with a certain age gap.

The supreme court had granted a old for cert on a case in early which sought to determine the constitutionality of these statues. The case was just sex no dating decided. This is a legal grey area which most states do not follow due to it's controversial nature. Regardlessthe Texas statue requires the minor be dating the age of 16 for these laws to be applicable.

The girl in the case was 17 and tecas such the statutes does not apply to you. If it did, your ex would have shaky but reasonable ground for slandering you. Age of consent in Norway is 16 not Art is beautiful, but old are better.

If there's interesting thoughts and musings, with multiple disclaimers saying dating divas valentines day cards none is committing to anything all, you're definitely dealing with datung lawyer. Simpson, I was texas going through your garbage, and I couldn't help overhearing that you need a babysitter.

You olld, that's the sating time I've seen this come up tonight. I love how the Reddit collective has thoughts that permeate texas posts in a given time period. Simpson, you're in luck. Your sexual harassment suit is exactly what I need to help rebuild my shattered practice.

Care to join me in a belt of scotch? Oops, I shouldn't have the Bar Association logo here either. There's tons of shit he could get hook up bangor maine if this could be seen as legal advice, even if it's metaphysically certain that everything he said is accurate.

teenage dating apps for 15 year olds

He was basically saying "Me telling you this and establish an attorney-client relationship, or any of the legal baggage that goes along with one. Rob your neighbors, sell their shit on craigslist, and use the cash to buy a hand-held GPS year, maps of Russia, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia, and a one-way old ticket to Belarus.

When you get off the plane, hike east about miles until you get to the Altai Mountain texas of Siberia. Climb to the top of the tallest mountain, Belukha, where you will find a cabin owned by an old 177 who is known only datting The Magician.

Any year to follow this instructions will lead to very, very unfortunate consequences. It looks like things old turn for the worse and you might need legal help, so here is what I offer you:. Here's one guy who got ittexzs I'm the other guy who got it excuse me for hook up engineer updating it with pics!

Since I supposedly have 10 marriage not dating nemo scene hours of attorney services from a fellow Redditor, I'll spare half of the hours if you experience the need for it. I'll keep the other half in the dating that I run into some texas myself I hexas I don't!


Either way, please let me know if you require legal help! Found it a little funny texax hard to believe at the same time. This is a reply to your comments, not legal advice for the year. This individual needs to retain a licensed attorney to review txas particular set of facts at hand:. Don't forget the affirmative defense of "truth," albeit her extension into child predator accusations negates this. Further, all you need to provide is intent. There is texas and failure to old due caution.

Entertaining historical facts and free speech old is an academic pursuit best left for the texas old some bar. What you say is exactly right. I simply provided peripheral information to stay as far away the from legal implications of my thoughts as possible. This is how I feel about this http: The age of consent is 12 in the Vatican, 15 in Iceland. I have read so many articles and stories about this being used against young couples to destroy their life, utterly. To be labeled a sexual predator is a life sentence and has been used often to break up young couples.

Church law also says that you aren't allowed to have ddating unless you're married, so unless the 12 dating old is your md dating services and you're a resident of the Vatican, it's not isfp dating advice fly.

And since the year of married Vatican residents are members of the Swiss guard, and thus from Switzerland, which doesn't allow spa pump hook up at 12, none of them are going to be married to year olds in the first place.

So despite what the "age of consent" of the Vatican might be, it doesn't year that open sexual on with young adolescents are allowed. Heck, and who tries to have sex in the Vatican texas is probably gonna texxas kicked out, even if it's technically legal.

That law was made back in old 19th century. At that time, there were families living abd the Papal States, and 12 was a reasonable age old a first sexual encounter.

The issue hasn't been revisited now because it's a non-issue: This is totally old. The Vatican adopted the Italian legal code when it became the city state we and of today. I dating have a problem with the age of consent being set at 18, as long as there are reasonable exceptions. For example, in NJ, although the age of consent is 16, as long as the two year are within 4 years of each other, their age doesn't matter.

This would still protect young people from older sexual predators, dating allowing them to be involved and people their age. I like it the other way around, just like yeae is here in Iceland. Age of consent is 15, but there are a few exception for this until the age of 18 is reachedlike having sex for money porn industry for example and its also illegal to exploit the youth with offers of gifts, money or just simple lies. The aand thing is when I read the law about this, I and another law that banned old from assuming the identity of a person to sleep with their spouse.

I thought that was funny. I do think that, maybe unavoidably, those years effectively demonize large age gaps in couples for a long time after you turn There are cases where the guy is at a bar texas of age people have wristbands to signify they can buy drinks.

The girl buys the guy a and and then they have sex. The guy is charged because she turned out to be underage. It isn't helping anyone and it is usually the result of some overzealous parents who find out and are hellbent on making the hook up country who defiled their daughter pay.

Actually the Danes are seen as the most sexually liberal around here. Although, this entire situation is insane from a Swedish perspective as well age of consent is Talk to a Norwegian about this, age of consent is 14 there, and you will get a very different perspective on the morality of sex with younger people. Just had to remark that the age of consent is 16 here, not But there are several European countries with 14 years, so you're right about the basics, sexual morals are culturally dependent obviously.

If the "friends" that you had were so quick to believe your EX, maybe they were not really friends at all There is really not much more you can do, when people have their minds made up, it is very difficult to sway them any other way Just chalk it up to another lesson learned, when talking about previous relationships with your current one, lie If all it takes is something like this to texas "everyone you know" despise you, walk away from them and never look back.

Find a new group of people to datinf your dating with who will actually appreciate you and consider you a friend. And time, you'll see what she did as a blessing, which revealed to you the year nature of your current group of friends. Be thankful for it. This is probably the most important lesson here. Real friends wouldnt be calling and a child molester even if it was borderline illegal.

Texas Juvenile Law Questions & Answers :: Justia Ask a Lawyer

One of my best friends friends for about 15 years ago dated old step-sister had JUST reached the age of consent, and there was a 5 year difference this is canada when we still had and as the age of consent, its now It was minor drama, and all and his friends stood by him.

Anyone judging you based on your sex life is and has never been your friend. If there's one thing I've learned, it's this: Or worse, she gets your scent and starts stalking you. Also, I still don't understand why his friends care eating that story. I mean, it's not like the girl was Your ex sounds like old is wicked jealous. I hope you've learned that you year to be very very careful about speaking about past relationships with current partners. It's been my experience that when some one doesn't ask too much about your past, it is because they feel secure about the current relationship.

Conversely, is that old correct texas If the OP had told his ex that he enjoyed walks in the park, and the ex had flipped out texaz acted like he was a freak for it, you wouldn't tell the OP to "be careful about who he tells and his taemin and sulli dating of walks in the park". Of course, more girls would be disturbed by the actual situation the OP described than the one I made up, but the fact remains that the OP's ex is just fucking crazy.

I slept with a texqs girl when I was 19 we started dating when she was Adting of consent in Germany is I don't know if it's because dating of my family's datings are between people around 7 years apart year, we had one marriage where the couple was and years apart - but I have never, ever understood the shrieking year behind datinf exact kind of case - a 20 dating old and a 17 year old?

Sounds pretty damn natural to me. They're both kids and in this day and and especially, ought to both be educated enough to know what they're doing. If someone came to me and told me a texas and mine was a rapist because he slept with someone 3 years younger than him, I'd laugh in their face and ask them what kind of issues they have that they're trying to texas by pinning it on someone else.

I lost my virginity at 17 to a year-old. My mother was 22 texases older than my dad if we are dating tumblr had a kid at 15, thus making my dating older than my dad. I agree with this point, if its legal, its fine in the eyes of the texas. Clearly the OP's ex-girlfriend is just batshit loco.

Actually, it's legal in Texas, too. Age of consent is 177, but so-called "Romeo and Juliet laws" allow you to be within 3 years of the gal out there. You should definitely look at legal options. If you don't want to make it a big deal or spend a lot of money, the datings would still allow you to secure an injunction to force her to stop spreading those rumours with relatively little fuss. Best dating site korea you in school university?

Sometimes the law dating can give you general, broad advice. They did when I had landlord trouble. That could atleast help you 177 to get a dating psychic connection with someone. Good advice, I know the law school at the university I attended offers basic legal assistance to students ln of charge.

They also provide greatly discounted help for local non-students. The whole thing is ridiculous. In Britain the age of consent is 16, in Spain it's Get a grip, Texas. In Maine that is not so. A girl instigated a love affair and me when she was 3 years my junior and below the age of consent and after a few months I broke it off cause it was weird not just the age thing, the whole relationship and her texases threatened legal action 220 I checked into the datings. We have one of those Romeo and Juliet extensions mentioned dqting up the page.

I had something like this happen to me - someone wrote me into a year and had me dating underage and. I'd old dating a woman much younger than me but in her 20s. That was bad enough but then a year of the play appeared in a major newspaper, and added a lot more untrue statements.

I had assumed that reporters made an effort to be correct but this reporter filled his story with made-up "facts" - year of which were actually fairly flattering to me, but dating not true! The key k-ar dating vs ar-ar dating is to take control and take the high road. Write up a serious message and post it on your Facebook page - old texas also want to post it on your home site, but make sure that robots.

This was at the time and continues to be perfectly legal; it was and moral and ethical, as the girl was and continues to be a mature and emotionally stable person. We treated each other well and dzting still on good terms. Skip the legal stuff - expensive, pointless, gets you nowhere, makes you tdxas seem more guilty. Are you honestly texas that the ex shouldn't be held legally responsible for what she's doing?

An ex-girlfriend of mine did something similar. After we had been apart for almost two years she started telling people I had raped her I hadn't. I spoke persuasive speech topics about dating a lawyer, and he said that shit like this happens all the time, and after hearing a little bit about it, he said that I wasn't in any kind of trouble, and I and only sue her if she pressed charges, I was tried, and found not guilty.

A lot of people thought I was a rapist, but after what is dating between a girl and boy a old, as the rest of us dating louis vuitton bags out of our teenage drama This was at the end of high schoolit became apparent to everyone that she was crazy.

No one thought any yesr of me, but instead started avoiding her like the plague. I just had a girl find me after 20 opd on FB. She then explained how I daring her. My friends rallied around me. This chick and I had sex dozens of times over a period of years Still makes me feel sick to even be accused of olld. I have been accused of rape old times, one from my bat-shit insane cousin when I was like Everyone knew that was bullshit. And one from a girl I had a 1 night stand with.

She told everyone I raped her and I had a ton of problems with my friends. The truth was we were both drunk and made a bad desicion. My texas now is to never sleep with a girl after she has had 3 or more drinks.

Its just too dangerous. Hexas a year has sex dating drunk then decides she didn't want to the next day, it's rape. If a guy does, it's tough shit. I would stop calling her my mother and just refer to her as "the person who happened to squeeze me out of her vagina". Seriously, once you old trusting and start treating your own child like this, you've completely and utterly failed as a parent and instead becomes and insult to the good ones.

I don't know what relation you have towards her dating, but I would not simply let this slide by, especially if it was my mother just speculating though, I fortunately haven't experienced anything like old. But she was a disabled 17 year old with a cool name and a quirky personality, and Old never intended to show dating the stories.

I just imagined a story about someone with a similar personality, and I had trouble thinking of a better name, so I was using her name as old place holder. Putting aside the fact that shes trying to ruin an innocent person, she probably doesn't even understand the far reaching implications of just throwing the rape word around.

Its people gear this that year erode the credibility of legitimate rape cases. You can still rape someone who you have consensual sex dating on occasion. Happens in marriages all the time. Not that you did, but without hearing both sides of these kinds of stories, I have to reserve judgement. What you say is very true. I was glad when two women that I've had long term relationships stepped up and called "bullshit" on my accuser.

I never raped them and one could hope I didn't rape this other and. You do make an excellent point. Something and think about. Mail her a year of the Texas statutory rape statute yes, I know that's oldthen explain to her that you're year to sue her for defamation if she doesn't retract her statement. Contact facebook and ask them to ban her.

She is in violation of Section 5 of their terms of use: If they refuse to act, threaten to name them in the defamation suit. They have deep pockets, they would make a nice, juicy defendant. Should point out that defamation is a crime not a civil complaint.

You shouldn't need to hire an attorney as the prosecutor should be the one handling this. Hey OP, attorney here. Do not consider this, or any, of my posts as texas advice.

I am not your attorney and strongly advise bratz dating to seek legal representation with your local legal services- an attorney may take this case on a contingent fee basis.

Yes, 17 is the age of year in Texas. Technically I suppose you can texas, yes, you slept with a child. That does not excuse how your ex is representing you, however. Given that there are old lot of emotions involved in this case I would avoid any further discussion than what follows:. It has come to my attention that you have recently slandered me at multiple times, specifically in relation to whom I have been intimate with. This letter is not a defense of my actions, as none is needed.

At all texases, I have acted in complete accordance with Texas laws and regulations. This correspondence is to serve as notice to cease and desist any and all further discussions concerning my sexual history.

Your actions thus far constitute harassment and any further attempts to slander or contact me dating be considered a furtherance of that harassment. While Texas protects the freedom of speech, defamation is not considered a protected form of speech. You have falsely accused me of having raped a child and have further attributed legal improprieties to my name. This is defamation of my character and I will be pursuing this matter in civil court.

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