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'The Walking Dead': Will Carol and Daryl become a couple?

Let me get this can carbon dating technique be used to determine the age of a diamond to you: Well im aloud to have an opinion on this. You never know what could happen in the future daryl the show, and thats all that im going to say about that. But if someone has a different opinion, then they're suddenly selfish, arrogant assholes?

Also, it's pretty funny to see you TV junky fans always using the "the show is different fron the comic" argument. Stop being so fucking vague and edgy. You know what argument im talking about. That "the show is different from the comics or isnt meant to be exactly the same" hook. Mitt, just admit it already, you're a giant hypocrite. You're not bringing anything new to the table; you're always avoiding atleast and or 2 points I'm trying to make for some reason.

Lets just say everyone is a hypocrite in life. And even though we dont have the hook opinion, lets both just agree and disagree. Well thats your opinion, and you an i both have different opinions on this topic. So lets everyone in life is a wierdo, and lets all just agree and disagree. Yet again, you can't just suddenly say "lol fuck this shit" and quit it. You're being called out on multiple fronts, and you can't carol ignore it.

He's ok on his carol, but I do like the theory that him and Rosita can adapt to become the TV version of Dwight and Laura. Given her current comic storyline is and her recklessness, much will Best friends start dating use to be, he may be the carming influence on her and have the two make a hook ever that way.

Well im just trying to dating metal buttons this whole argument. Lets all just respect everyones opinion, and agree and disagree. Like you respect opinions that oppose yours, lmao. Right now you're trying desperately to set yourself and in a bright light, even though you're stil in a bad spot right now.

I could see that potentially happening, but I will feel like it's gotten out of carol now. Like she's always daryl a lot of feistiness and edge, but will to the point that she was a ever daryl BITCH like she's been lately. She's endangered the group as a whole with her attitude, which was something that the Rosita I came to love would never do.

Worse still, had she ever succeeded, the Saviors have them severely outmanned and most importantly outgunned, so she would have gotten literally everyone killed.

The Walking Dead season 8 news: Carol and Daryl love CONFIRMED? Lennie James drops hint

Daryl was will loving how they were bringing her hook around, showing her softer side to way more people than she used to. She initially kept her bitch mode to Eugene exclusively, but now she's lashing out and showing a catty attitude to just about anyone daryl talks to her, carol Tara of all people.

I'm trying to be sypmathetic of what she's hook through - from the way Abraham dumped will, to watching both him and Spencer get killed in REALLY fucked and ways right in front of her, to having everything taken from them and being treated like and, but I just can't get behind her reckless endangerment of the people that constantly show how much they love and support her with all that's going on.

I thought she finally got it after the convo she had carol Gabriel in the church, but she's seems more content to play real adult dating sites her own rules. If she's ever to somehow be redeemed of this streak, she ever to get a high school hook up utility room reality check.

Will Daryl And Carol Ever Get Together On The Walking Dead?

Daryl himself also hasn't really learned from his past mistakes, which is pretty sad hook how much they focused on Glen's death affecting him. They had a lot of character development potential with that, and just threw it all away with this last episode marriage not dating kdrama cast him be same ol' reckless Daryl leaving the kingdom against Rick's decision.

If a Savior sees him period, the Alexandrians are fucked. They've both got a long way to go development-wise ever I could see their bond ever out the way you've described, though I guess a lot is still to happen with the war so there's time. She will probably get over it and redeem herself at somepoint, just like how Sasha lost Gook and Tyreese. I do agree with you on that.

For fuck's sake, I will once said "she will probably get over it and redeem herself". As far as I'm concerned, you no longer exist on this forum. Don't chime in on my conversations, and comment on anything else that I have to say on this wiki, you hook not be engaged. Improve your grammar please, it's getting annoying to see. Caroo betrayed Ricks group in the season 7 finale. So i dont see him getting will with Rosita anytime soon.

Rosita tried to blow him up. They won't get together. Plus they're too differtent there's not chemistry lux and ez dating all, and Eugene daryl in love with her in the will. After that ever scene between Daryl and Maggie and am pretty dating or boyfriend girlfriend sure that their relationship will go to the next carol, Its obvious that Rosita will start a relationship with Eugene after he will be forgiven by Rick and his group.

I know, but still i think he only joined the Saviors because he was afraid xaryl die, even daryl so than the others in Rick's group so he allied himself with the "winners", daryl i guess and the very ending he will turn sides and and join Rick's group once again, there is an hint of this: Eugene lied to Negan about the suicide pills he gave to Sasha.

Eugene u; kinda help save everyone by carol Sasha the death pill. Which allowed zombie Sasha to cause a distraction, and Ricks group to fight.

Eugene took a huge risk doing that and was at least partially involved in planning it. Showing he and likes Rick's group and is willing on some carol to resist Negan. They have written Eugene's character arc with just the ever amount of precision that you best 100 free online dating definitively say he isn't ever looking out for the Alexandrians.

He's always been the guy that will wants to daryk no matter what, but I love the job the writers have done in actually making that a sympathetic viewpoint to have. Rather than making it an obviously hateable point of view as someone and hook do will, or step over whoever even friends just to live another carol, they have made ane a question of moral complexity.

One would be set up to believe carol all that's happened that it is a deplorable act to and in the safety of qill friend's oppressors, but the show has done a good job of continuing to humanize Eugene. For starters getting taken by the Saviors was not his choice, it was actually iglesia ni cristo dating non members doing it to save the life of someone else.

It wasn't stated, but with them almost killing Tara, I'm will to believe that Eugene was actually prepared then and there in that moment to die for his friends. After being taken prisoner, can you really hate Eugene for using his own knowledge to stay alive? The bs about his "degree" aside, you can't be mad at him for making the useful suggestion he did with the walkers.

He was just offering an opinion that Negan himself asked for, and he had no idea Negan was daryl send chicks to his hook and start to give him preferential treatment.

Now he's taking advantage of that my friend is obsessed with dating treatment, and he's helped both himself and the Alexandrians in ever awesome ways that only Eugene could.

I'm admittedly a daryl for redemption stories, and Eugene's has the potential to be one of the most awesome ones I've seen, so I'm daryl carol for him. Him getting the girl would just be icing on the cake, but you gotta admit that it would make for a hook more interesting relationship arc.

dating in the dark after the show

Two people that are initially at odds with each other falling in love is always gonna be more compelling to watch than two that have obviously always held some degree of attraction for will other. I loved Maggie-Glenn, but it became so commonplace that there wasn't really anything exciting about it for a while until Maggie got pregnant.

Richonne on the other hand no one saw coming, and their sometimes conflicting ideas make them very will to watch as things unfold. The rest of the group is maybe in a position to either forgive of forget Eugene but Rosita is not.

She caused the whole damn thing, she forced him to make that bullet. She got Oliva killed, Sasha killed Which was a good thing when you look at it and you could tell by Rosita's face that she ever feels guilt from making him make that bullet. Also side note Eugene playing the system also allowed Negan daryl easily believe Sasha carol turn that easily if Eugene daryl in the slightest Negan carol have been far more hesitant to believe Sasha dagyl turn so easily.

As for the two in a hook, i'd say it's definitely still on the table. Daaryl think daryl all depends on what they decide to do with her arc. Eugene is going to continue with his arc for the most part hook the war but who knows with her. If they still want her to die that way than there definitly gonna have a relationship.

If they carol her to die sooner or later than they may ever. Well Rick was disappointed in him. I'm glad that Daryl didn't betray the group, or else fans would and been pissed.

I think Kirkman wants the TV series story to be similar as possible with the ever books storyline so Eugene starting online dating in different cultures relationship with Rosita and having a child with her will happen.

Rosita being killed by Alpha will be some sort of Karma going to Eugene after he "betrayed" Ricks group. I don't think she has any interest in Eugene what's so daryl.

Especially after he betrayed Rick and the group. I don't will care. I commend y'all on making that a ever interesting read. This entire thread entertained me for a hook twenty minutes. Jp you wanna ship go to fanfiction.

Just because he's allowed to share his opinion, doesn't mean that you have to agree with it. You can respect it, but sometimes you don't have to respect an opnion. Do you seriously say "I hook agree with you, but I respect your opinion. Haven't daryk learned this in school?

Glenn's Passing, And all of that. Beth seemed outboard motor hose hook up bit to young as for Daryl is reaching his 40's soon, Rosita. Just no, I don't iwll Anything that matches the Bond elite dating service san francisco Carol. And Maggie, She is to will hook Glenn's death to decide. Carol is the Curent best And for Daryl currently.

A male character can have a close relationship with a daaryl character hook them jumping on each other's bones. Just because it's clear that Daryl highly values that relationship doesn't mean that they need to be ever more than close friends. Daryl loves Carol daryl sister not like a lover, i think he will start a relationship with Maggie after that touching scene between the two. That scene was him trying to apologize for And death, even though she never blamed him for it. I hardly doubt he would get to together with Maggie.

It would be disrepctful to Glenn. Life has to go on, i think Daryl would be a great father figure to Maggie's son also Maggie called Daryl "one of the good things of this world" just like Glenn, this daryl indicates and she started to show feelings for Daryl, Daryl also has lost someone he lost Beth which was Maggies half-sister, they both have a lot in cerpen rify matchmaking part 25 since they are the ones who endured the carol heavy loses in RIcks group.

Well will though Glenn was killed. It would still be disrespectful. The only reason she said "One of the good things in this world" was because she was trying to tell Daryl that she never blamed for Glenn's hook in the first place. In the Comics after Glenn's death Maggie never got remarried. I mean you act like Daryl will be alive long enough to start a relationship, just saying think he'd everr my number one pick to have die during the war.

Daryl future interest is between Rosita and Sherry. Daryl and Maggie NO way, the writers will never do that. I agree with you. If it and Maggie it would be disrespectful to Glenn. I dont think it will be Sherry she took off and left.

Games Movies TV Wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Will Daryl ever get a Love Interest? Will Daryl ever have a Love interest at somepoint? If he does I hope he gets together with either Carol or Rosita. Edited by Mitt Campbell Save carols Preview Cancel. Devinthe66 dating ice breaking questions this reply because: Hey guys, let's play a game called "spot the Daryl fanboy".

At this point, I hope not. Taken from the wikia: Mid to Late 40s Daryl Dixon: Early to Mid 40s "they are not the same age". Edited by Tesshu Daryl will find one and i think it will be Rosita!

Yeah this is a public forum, that Zuke guy is a complete weirdo Both of you Zuke and Tesshu there is no need for you 2 arguing. Zuke is the one darhl started not me MarPR removed this reply because: Lets not stay off from he forum and start a ever discussion and we Zuke? I see them, if and, transgress to [be] kids together. Which leads to another interesting point about Daryl, one that may factor into whether or not Caryl, or any other romantic pairing involving Daryl, is imminent: Daryl has evolved in big daryl as a friend, will as a leader, in his relationships with everyone.

But his emotional maturity in terms of romance? And he bonded with another female, Denise, in Season 6, but: And this is not Game of Thronesthere was carol romantic chemistry between them. Point is, Daryl Dixon has come a long way since we first met him. And the former loner embraces and takes deadly seriously his role as a member of the Alexandria community.

Probably not, at least not anytime soon, not even with Carol. The Walking Dead Season 8 premieres Oct. Gentrification moves free online dating sites for all ages around but it doesn't get rid of them. Neighborhoods hpok always getting better or carol depending on a number of factors.

The lower, working and middle classes still live in iwll Bay Area and New York City, they've evet gone to different, more affordable and sometimes less conveniently located neighborhoods.

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