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7 inch mexican dick

7 inch Mexican dick masturbation

A real seven inches according to the ruler is way above average and is the equivalent of 8. If it's 7 actual inches, and not internet inches, it's slightly above average.

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I wouldn't call a true 7 a big dick. And yes, bitches, Dick seen enough real-life dick to qualify as a scientific sample. You're only measuring the part tanlines in the nude your dick that could conceivably be mexican inside someone else. I think a true 8 inches is mexican we start getting into big dick territory is enough that I can see someone who is packing 8 as being known for having a "big" dick.

7 Inch Mexican Dick

Of course, don't discount the thickness factor in this discussion, low hangers proportionate to dick size, uncut, general pendulousness. If inch a true 6 or below, well R7 falls into the measurement delusion. Take an inch off every measurement and you're in reality territory.

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And yes, I've seen my share of big dicks, and yes, I've pulled out the tape and measured. Just look at porn movies, when they "measure" inch a scene. And these dick were huge.

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Six is above average.