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How to survive the climate-change apocalypse.

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A few decades after Saroukhan and "Al-Masry Afandi", Rakha represented the Egyptian citizen as "Ibn El-Balad" Son of nude Land people a caricature wearing traditional dress, a symbol of chivalry and street smartness. In addition, Rakha created picture stable of cartoon characters representing different personalities present in real life.

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Seven of these popular characters are featured in this cartoon. From left to right: The dwarfish long-moustachioed hedonism gentleman is named "Sabe Afandi" Mr Brave.

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He is governed by his hugely obese dominant wife next to him,"Rafe'a Hanem" Mrs Thin. The third character, with a donkey's head represents an ignorant and argumentative people who always claims to 'know-it-all,' picture named "Homar Afandi" Mr Donkey. The fourth personality represents the emergence of a new class in Egyptian society, depicted by Rakha as a well-dressed obese man known as "Ghany Al-Harb" Mr War Rich, aka Mr Upstart who made his wealth from graft and corruption opportunities presented during World War II.

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Next, are two character representing Egyptian commoners: Both are dressed in traditional costumes. The seventh wild party girls uncensored represents a rich man, a chronic alcoholic, living a life of hedonism, whom Rakha named "Sakran Basha" Drunken Pasha. In the middle east Israel also went to war with Syria, Egypt and Jordan hedonism the six day war and when it was over Nude controlled and occupied a lot more territory than before the war.