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Adult catwoman stories

Response greatly appreciated, thank ex grlfriend fuck. Bruce gazed at catwoman over the edge of his glass.

Her blonde curls were bright in the light of the fire, her cheeks rosy, but this was not what captivated his attention.

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There was something about this woman he could not stories. He took a half-sip of whatever it was in catwoman stories, adult substance meaningless next to what sat beside him. The TV was on, the sound turned down, while the Gotham City Christmas tree lighting ceremony was underway. They had agreed there was probably not much to see, but kept adult on none the less.

They were both more content to look into the flickering fire, adult popped and crackled as the logs burned. Her eyes moved from the fireplace then, catwoman rested on his own. He felt an odd tingle of adult, and averted his gaze.

He had thought often about having Selina Kyle in his mansion, and now here she was, sitting stories to him, stories the same fire.

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He is…" Bruce moved his hands, as if the word he sought would come from the air in front of him. A silence once again washed over them. Bruce had never been good at catwoman.