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Despite consistently landing some of the best couture shows season after season, Aline Weber, 23, is skipping it this go-round. Naked Brazilian blonde bombshell said two jobs in New York, now aline home base, sounded more appealing than the cervia porn to Paris.

What was it like to film?

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It was weber crazy. I had vampire teeth and a Jesus crown. Couture is happening right now. Photo sexe cul gay homme was at a shoot last night until four in the morning — I slept until 2 p. The only thing is with the long dresses, it can be little bit difficult on the runway.

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The spring shows will be here before we know it. How will you prepare for them? In August, I always take two weeks off to aline up.

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The first week, I see my parents in Brazil and the second I go to this tiny island just south of Brazil with my boyfriend. Nature is all around us and the island is naked full of hippies and fisherman.

You walk so many shows every season. How do you keep from becoming mentally exhausted?