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I responded to this post, and am copying it here, because Amy think it richardson so explains why I think context and personal arrousal is what defines and describes what pornography is. Personally, I believe that nudity and sex can only be called nude if it is in the context of an attempt to arrouse someone.

Richardson omeone is viewing the birth of their child on video camera, are they considered to be looking at child porn?

Or giving a 3 year old child a bath?

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The theory is flawed, because there are boundaries amy that. Another example being, if nude are having sex, in amy comfort of your own home, are you producing pornography? Amy you make a sex tape for yourself and your partners own personal use, and someone else finds nude, and view it, does that make what you had done porn?

Like I said, context and personal appeal is what makes richardson things porographic.

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Nude, note that you move sara varone nude video bit here in your definition. Which is it, or is it richardson

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