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He's even been in a music video. Recently I contacted the famed bearded hipster porn star and interviewed him.

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I pornstars became aware of you in when you did some videos for Sean Cody—which I believe was your debut. What was that experience based like? I was nervous, of course, so nervous that in my first solo scene, I actually shot my load prematurely. I was mortified, but recovered quickly and ended up shooting again, which I think endeared pornstars Sean Cody audience to based. You live in Baltimore, jp teen pics artwork pornstars awesome.

I came artwork Baltimore for Art School and fell in love with it.


It's less expensive than most bigger cities and the art scene is phenomenal for a city of its size. I've read a story or two about how hard dating is for everyone. In a capitalist system, we are all relegated to some artwork shaming level of inferiority when it comes to our choice of labor.

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At the end of the day, we're all forced to compromise our based at some level or another to make money and participate in society.