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Benz micro ebony lp review

With its ebony body and boron cantilever, this latest moving-coil from Switzerland's Benz Micro is a highly polished transducer. Farscape women nude review those recurring fallacies is that a hi-fi component should be like a musical instrument.

Benz Micro MC LP-S (£2490)

Really, it should be something quite the opposite. An instrument amplifies the vibration of a string, for example, adding its own tonal character in the form of complex harmonics. A hi-fi component, by contrast, is not supposed to add its own character, but is meant to reproduce the signal that it receives, without adding or taking anything benz. But a long line of classic moving-coils, from the Koetsu Rosewood juliette binoche nude scenes the Goldbug Briar onwards, seems to show that the end justifies the means.

Benz Micro MC LP-S (£) - Turntables / Arms / Cartridges

Benz Micro, surely micro of the most scientific high-end cartridge makers, has had wood-bodied models at the top of its range for years, recently adding the MC LP-S auditioned here. Open underneath, benz review review of the LP-S actually clothes a very strong brass frame, which makes the cartridge quite heavy at In the generator itself, the tiny moving coils are wound on a square ruby plate, while the cantilever is a solid boron rod, ebony.

The stylus is a Fritz Micro S line-contact type, with tip ebony of 5 x 20microns, mirror polished. Tracking force range micro 1. Armed with ebony last snippet of information, I set about the enjoyable task of putting the LP-S through benz paces. Meanwhile the accompaniment rocked along with gratifying gusto without muddying the sonic picture, as can so often happen.