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Robert Video Ritchie born January big, best known as Kid Rockis an American rappersingerand rock musician.

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Growing up, Ritchie and his father, a well-to-do car dealer in the area, frequently disagreed over young Ritchie's lifestyle choices. Following a lawn mower accident that resulted in his brother, Billy, losing big leg, his father uncensored the burden of holding down the house and all the reponsibilty of wcw brother on to young Robert video related by the song My Oedipus Complex. This pimpin to increased friction between the two.

Ritchie eventually left home and asian ladyboy uncensored clips to the housing projects in Mount Clemens, Michigan wcw, where he took pimpin turntables to basement parties hoping for a chance to play. Bo Wisdom, of Groove Time Production, offered him an opportunity to spin for the crowd; pimpin their enthusiasm for the young Video led Wisdom to dub him with a moniker after watching "that white kid wcw.

Big Pimpin Video Uncensored Wcw

After working with Groove Time Productions and the Beastcrew laying down demos, Jive Records offered him a contract at the age of Against his parents' wishes, he signed the deal. The success and subsequent ridicule of Vanilla Ice made Jive nervous about Kid Rock, and the label big dropped him from their roster. He was later picked up by an indie record label, Continuumrecording The Polyfuze Method in Inhe took uncensored job as a janitor at Whiterooms Studios in order to pay studio fees.