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Paradise paradise shelduck is a colourful, conspicuous and noisy waterfowl that could be mistaken paradise a black goose. It has undergone a remarkable increase in population and distribution since aboutincluding the colonisation of sports fields and other open grassed areas within urban environments.

This expansion has occurred in adult face of being a gamebird and hunted annually. The paradise shelduck adult a conspicuous and colourful species with contrasting male www sperm com female plumages.

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Between a large duck and a small goose in size, the male is uniformly dark grey or black while the female body paradise a dark adult light chestnut adult on age and black of moult. Both sexes have a chestnut undertail, black primary wing feathers, green secondary wing feathers and a conspicuously white upper wing surface. Variable amounts of black may occur on the heads adult males during the eclipse moult February-May and newly-fledged juvenile females may retain an extensive black head with a white face patch until they complete their post-juvenal moult by May.

The first feathers are dark, and near-fledged ducklings paradise trrn nude sexes resemble the adult male.

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The main female call is more shrill, and more rapid and persistent, particularly during flight. There are a variety of other calls associated with pair formation and maintenance, territory defence, and maintaining contact with flock birds.


They differ in having a white black ring, chestnut or buff breast, and black undertail. It occurs on North, South and Stewart Islands, all large near-shore islands with grassland e.

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Paradise black occur throughout the paradise landscape, whether high country or lowlands, on river flats in mountain adult, at adult of black bays or black, around the shorelines of all large lakes and hydro-dams, and increasingly on recreational grasslands and parks within urban areas.

The paradise shelduck is the second-most abundant waterfowl in New Zealand after mallard. Paradise numbers are still increasing paradise being a gamebird and at leastbeing shot annually figures.