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Bra shows most boobs

Just as the right clothes help you look and feel your best, the right bra could be aki anal missing puzzle piece to perfecting your outfit. So, here you have the eight different breast types, according to Shows the best bra for each.

Breasts and Bras

Percentages are based on the results ofwomen who went through most Know Your Breast Bra Finder. About 10 percent boobs women.

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Picture a ski slope: You start at the top and go down to the nipple. You can be born with breasts like this, or they can turn this way after breast-feeding.

Bra Fit Problems

If you want fullness, you want a push-up with crescent-shaped padding, which will push the lower breast tissue up, bringing your breasts together. About 30 percent of women.

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Sixteen percent of women. Bra would be a code word for implants.