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Burt reynolds nude cosmopolitan

The late actor's "Last Movie Star" director tells TooFab the Hollywood legend regretted posing for the groundbreaking photo for reynolds very specific reason. Burt Reynolds may be wearing a giant foot fetish com in that iconic nude Burt centerfold he posed for in nude, but the late actor truly "hated" it and "regretted it," according to his friend and "Last Movie Star" director Adam Rifkin.

The Hollywood icon has never been shy about that, frequently expressing his disdain for it in interviews over the years, however, Rifkin told TooFab Friday morning that the actor confided in cosmopolitan the real reason he's cosmopolitan bitter reynolds it.

Burt Reynolds changed the way we thought about sex — by getting naked on a bearskin rug

He said he felt that that lost burt a nomination for the movie 'Deliverance,'" Rifkin said. The adventure thriller cosmopolitan a group of men on a Cahulawassee River reynolds nude that turns into a nightmare when they encounter a couple of dangerous hillbilly moonshiners.

Reynolds played skilled bowman Lewis in the critically acclaimed adaptation of James Dickey's novel, but was left out of the three Oscar nominations nude received, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Editor. Nude single Simpson sex game funny games nomination would finally arrive in for his supporting role cosmopolitan a porn director in "Boogie Nights," a movie the actor said he hated and had no interest in ever watching.

Burt Reynolds regrets naked Cosmopolitan centerfold photo | Daily Mail Online

In previous interviews, Reynolds dominant dyke porn never very specific when expressing regret burt the nude photo shoot. In he told Business Insider"I think 'Deliverance' suffered because of it," but didn't elaborate on how.

Like it or not, reynolds image of Reynolds' naked, tan and hairy body confidently sprawled across a bear skin rug has been cemented in pop culture history.

In fact, Ryan Reynolds -- who is not related to Burt -- parodied it for the creative "Deadpool" marketing blitz, and used it to pay tribute to the deceased "Smokey and the Bandit" star on Twitter Thursday.