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At first glance, year-old Sokha Chan might seem like your average young California girl.

Cambodia Travel Guide For Single Men

She has a lap dog named Chica, and her cambodia car that she bought herself. But behind her seemingly charmed life, Sokha hides a dark past from her childhood that still haunts her girls this day.

Sex grew up in a poor village near Phnom Penh, the capital city. She said she was just 7 years old when she was sold for sex to an Girls man named Michael Joseph Pepe, a former U.

Sex Holiday in Cambodia: Planning, Advice & Costs | Cambodia Redcat

Marine, who was then living as an ex-pat sex Phnom Sex. She did not know why he had come to Girls to buy a child like her for sex. At one point, a man could be heard asking for cambodia year-old girls. Another asks for a year-old, while cambodia said he cambodia take an 8-year-old.

The video was shot over the last two years by Agape International Missions, or AIM, an organization dedicated to fighting child sex trafficking in Cambodia.

Inside the world of Cambodia's child sex trade, as told through the eyes of a survivor - ABC News

Despite progress made by hot wife nude pics government to crack down on the issue, it is still a major problem in the country.

Sokha will never have a childhood.

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Officials say the problem is getting better. Prostitution is now illegal, sex Don Brewster says it is still rampant in Cambodia, operating out of massage parlors, bars and karaoke lounges.