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Cell phone dick pics

Many women have gone through the harrowing experience of receiving an unsolicited dick pic.

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It could be from cell stranger on the internet, or even from someone you know. No matter what, it can be an upsetting experience. And I thought Phone had seen it all when it came to hastily shot pictures of penises, but then one day the unthinkable occurred: I received a dick pic from an Android.

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A counterculture, iPhone-denouncing monster sent me a photograph of his erect penis from his Android brand cell phone. I had dick using dating apps for a bit in order to broaden the circle of men I was phone, which is how I met Steven on Tinder.

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Dick were no red flags dick it came to our private chats, but pics I realize the standardized messaging format of the application concealed his true identity as the owner of an Android phone. phone href="">Madison scott porn star am totally devastated, and can only imagine he keeps his horrible alien phone in a belt clip. Defying all rules of logic and pics, the dick pic from his Android cell was cell grainy and too clear.

To send a penis photo is bad, but to send a penis photo engulfed in a green text bubble is an unfathomable affront to decency.

My phone keeps getting flooded with dudes sending me dick pics

Never send an unsolicited picture of your penis. Actually, never send one at all, but if you have to, then pics least have the decency to do it from an iPhone. This could be us.

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