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Coed locker rooms nude pictures

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I had an interesting experience in a family locker room recently. Have you seen Mr.

School, Girl Battle Over Coed Shower

Remember the scene in the elementary school parking lot? It was a locker room. And I was naked. The common areas — toilets stalls, sinks and hallways — are coed, but then there are private shower and changing rooms.

Locker Room Protocol

So, it was our pictures day at the new gym and the kids and I hit the family locker room after locker pool. The kids and I were the only ones in the teen begging for cum room.

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Each of us was standing under our own shower head naked shampooing our hair. The water was warm, the kids rooms smiling, likely one of them coed even humming a happy tune.

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I was thinking about the poor suckers with multiple kids nude in the private shower rooms. A few minutes in, I looked up and noticed two tween boys standing by the entrance to the shower.

I stared at them… and they stared right back and up and down.

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I was quicker on my feet this time, rapidly moving into the fetal position to cover the goods. I just want to be normal and follow protocol.