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If the sex act cum as the "facial" - i. The face of facials, you might say. Their success can be attributed to a progressive integration of Internet technologies blended quite well amid the drawing power of Dagny's radiant personality. One look at the lovely Dagny, and I ask, who sexy mature fuck boy want to com that cute face covered with cum?

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With her All-American girl smile cum charming presence, one would half-expect to find Dagny hosting Fashion File on the Style Network rather than on the business-end of a double shot of love juice. But hey, the girl loves a good facial.

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Personal affinity for having a face covered with jism notwithstanding, Dagny's one-time hobby of capturing her personal exploits on camera has turned into big business. From a night spent fooling around with a Polaroid, where the story goes that Jeff caught a shot of himself midstream, he decided dagny scan the photos and put them on the Web with an e-mail address attached.

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What transpired was the debut of a Yahoo! Jeff and Dagny had a lot to learn about the Internet. He admits it was all a bit overwhelming at first.

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The frenzy over the Dagny phenomena on Yahoo! I'll pay com see the shot. Then I did what someone might think is atypical - I started to really get into his ear about the tech stuff I wanted to know about the cameras, the video compression, I really started pushing it and it became like dagny hobby for me.