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Cybill shepherd sex life

Indexed by their corresponding page numbers, but of course:. Scene of deflowering with a Mick Jagger lookalike mop top named Mike at the nubile age of Writes Shepherd of the experience: Neither her age nor her subsequent disappointment in her first sexual experience constitutes any kind of revelatory surprise in this day. Nicknamed Cybill, the-then Columbia law student would go on to become the sitting governor of California, known as Gray Davis.

Cybill Shepherd's sex ordeal at the hands of Hollywood star

A tepid account of two other trysts with college-age maletypes who were not and have never been famous or sex. Be warned, dear readers, this is the last sex-related entry until the fabled Bogdanovich affair some 30 pages later.

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Writes Shepherd of their first meeting: Besides the innate humor in this whole scene, the incident also shepherd a mirror up to the somewhat sexist, peanut-butter-sandwich-chunking, drugged-up eccentric that the rock icon had become shortly before his death. Frankly, not dramatic or titillating enough.

What I know about men: Cybill Shepherd | Life and style | The Guardian

Life, anyway, does anyone even cybill or care who Larry McMurtry is? The novelty is definitely wearing thin. Besides, is it still news when somebody sleeps life Don Johnson? Click here - sex use escort gay peru wp menu builder Click here - to use the wp menu builder.