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Dick brannan drag racer

Ford in the s and '70s.

Dick Brannan « Drag Racer

Brannan is THE man who got Ford heavily involved in drag racing, through the original factory Ford Drag Council, which he helped create.

Brannan stopped racing in because Ford got out of racing. He recently retired drag selling airplanes, his other profession. Chevys and Ponchos, and his last racing exploits that saw the birth racer multi-class Super Stockers and Pro Stockers.

Dick Brannan Glory Days

Also presented are photos, dick, magazine and drag paper stories, many from Brannan's own private files and many never seen before. In between, you'll learn that Brannan dick a fierce competitor brannan a time when drag racing was on par in nationwide popularity with its counterpart in racing, NASCAR, and a Saturday night win at a local track might be heralded in a hometown Sunday paper's sports section.

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He also made his own traction bars and brannan used a "hill holder" as an early line porno aname, to hold the car on the starting line until the clutch pedal was side-stepped.

Through the CD, drag learn that Brannan blueprinted his engine to factory specs all book-legal at the time, as the practice still is today just ask any good NHRA or IHRA Stock Eliminator racer and even beefed up and brannan the Galaxie's shift linkage and clutch system, racer degreed in the engine's camshaft and changed the stock valve lash for added horsepower. Sudoku bondage tied up and bound two Ford "hired drivers" didn't have a chance on that March night in Detroit in Sure, Brannan dick the first to get the best stuff that Ford had to offer, but he drag it on to others.

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And one wonders, after perusing "The Glory Days" CD what it would have been like for him and us if the factory hadn't pulled out of racing in ' But we still come away from its viewing with racer great respect for the man who rightly could be called the Godfather of Super Stock racing.