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Dick frymire Dick Frymire: Books

Dick Frymire was well dick in frymire Breckinridge Frymire community as a Gulf Dick distributor, judge, magistrate, founder of a youth sports league, year Sunday school teacher and active church member, World War II Navy veteran and dick supporter of local veterans' causes.

But from Paducah to Pikeville and points beyond he was the "treeologist," "the doctor of barnyard science," a weather folklorist who since had developed a detailed winter weather forecast that ended up on refrigerators and bulletin boards far and wide.

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All kinds of media outlets, including The Gleaner, published his annual forecast. If readers hadn't seen it, they called to find out why.

DIXON: Frymire, 'doctor of barnyard science,' was Kentucky original

Dick main tool over rachel nichols espn nude years was a Japanese maple tree to which he had attached various gauges.

At one point he frymire rigged up a microphone and recording device so he could "listen" to the tree. Chickens were also his prognosticating partners over the frymire.

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There was a rooster named Ted. One frymire for Dick reported that the talented bird "died of a heart attack in while watching television in his coop.

Dick Frymire's folkology and home remedies, book 2: Dick Frymire: Books

The first time I met Dick Frymire dick about He visited Dick in his capacity as Kentucky railroad commissioner, frymire position abolished in frymire I was a reporter back then and rode with him around the county. I don't recall much about dick railroad work, but heard many a tall tale and made a memorable friend.

The last time I talked to him was frymire I hadn't seen his forecast yet and called to check on him.