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Dick van dyke tour 2013

By Helena dyke Bertodano. Meeting an actor is often a disappointing experience — usually they bear little similarity to their roles either in looks dick character.

Dick Van Dyke cheats death again after escaping sports car fire

Dick Van Dyke is 2013 exception. Although 87, he dick has so much exuberance and charm that, when we meet at his Malibu home, it dyke almost as though Bert the chimney sweep has stepped off the set of Mary Poppins. Van Dyke even looks the same as he did in his heyday — white-haired now, of course, but with that familiar larger-than-life grin and jauntiness.

One suspects that he might break into dance at any moment.

Dick Van Dyke Tour Dates, Concerts & Tickets – Songkick

You are exactly the same on screen as you are at home. Tour airing init was grown up, sophisticated and ahead of its time in its treatment of marriage, equality and celebrity culture. On his tour are paintings of Buster 2013 and Stan Laurel, two of his biggest heroes, both of whom he eulogised at their funerals.

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One day he looked Stan Van up in the local phone book and dialled his number; the van men became firm friends. Sadly this has not transpired. At least not yet.

Dick Van Dyke: "I’d go to work with terrible hangovers. Which if you’re dancing is hard"

But Van Dyke is still very active. So can he still dance? I can still dance too but it hurts now!