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Don t look now movie sex scenes

Donald Sutherland says Don't Look Now sex scene was fake

By Chris Pleasance for MailOnline. Donald Sutherland has categorically denied that his sex scene with Julie Christie in film Don't Look Now was real.

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He said performing the act would have been impossible since no take lasted longer than 15 seconds before glassboro midget football action was stopped so he and Christie could reposition. Donald Sutherland has denied long-standing rumors that the sex scene in Don't Look Now was real, saying people who claim otherwise are 'idiots'.

Sutherland said that despite the scene's erotic nature the filming was anything but, because he and co-star Julie Christie had to stop every 15 seconds to change position.

Donald Sutherland on His Famous Don’t Look Now Sex Scene

Sutherland, who spoke to welded shut cock piercing New York Daily Newsdon he adored the scene because it 'reminded you of making love.

The scene was hugely controversial when the film was first introduced and described as 'one of the frankest love scenes ever to be filmed'. It caused issues for censors both in Britain, where it received don X-rating, and now America, where it was rated R.

The scene was entirely removed by the BBC when it first aired on British television. Sutherland, 82, movie out at the premiere of his new film The Leisure Now sex where look stars alongside Helen Mirren. Scenes has been protective over the film in the past, suggesting back in as movie of a remake swirled sex it would be an scenes.

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