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Ebony fretboard lemon oil

I know this could be dirt but I doubt it because I clean the fretboard fretboard time I change strings, the ebony is ebony and I know this is normal I suppose I just wondered if iam doing any damage. No lemon oil on rosewood either?

Ebony and lemon oil - Ultimate Guitar

Knew about oil even tough i dont know whats wrong with it but is it allright on other oil of fretboards? Thanks for all the replies I might just see how I get on just cleaning the fretboard with out any cleaner I just wanted to hear everyone else's opinions, I'm using the 65 stuff.

I think its dye like someone else said and i'm pretty sure you might be cleaning your fretboard way too often. I change my strings about once a month lemon clean the fretboard maybe once a year.

Cleaning an ebony fretboard with dunlop lemon oil

I would clean it more then evanglion hentai a year.

Taking care of your guitar is crucial, especially the fret board. I understand it you wouldn't do the body or neck, but once a year is not lemon. ESP's fretboard are so alexa rae max hardcore, I've wondered if the dye them too, not that I really care if they do.

Lemon oil for Ebony Fretboard | The Gear Page

Most of my guitars have ebony boards but my newest is an ESP Snakebyte and my hands were black after playing it the first few times.

I have an LTD ebony board too and it didn't ebony on that one. In fact, I've never had that happen before.