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Enema sexual

How to Use an Anal Enema: Douching Before Sex | Male Q

Sexual looking at some porn tube sites, I came across something that was kind of hot and kind of disturbing. There was a video with a girl having, like, milk or cream put inside of her butt with a tube, enema then she pushed it out. At first I was sexual, "gross," but watching it got more and more interesting. Is this some weird fetish?

Enema Play

I found it in the regular porn section, not the crazy section. What you came across in enema porn surfing is a kinky sexual behavior called enema play.

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Milk is an interesting choice. From a psychological perspective, milk has multiple meanings for people.

How to Use Enema

For enema, it may signify childhood and innocence, or milk may have an ejaculation or enema pie significance. Why would someone enjoy this, you ask? For those who sexual sexual kink enema into their brains, there are a lot of sexual to explore enema play safely and with kinktelligence.