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Arya climbed into the bed beside him and lay her head on his shoulder. Eragon put his arm around her, and she reached down and gently brushed her fingers on his member, which immediately began to harden.

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Not wanting to wait anymore, he kissed her, and it slowly became more passionate, then Eragon reached nude and began to massage her breasts through her tunic. He lightly rubbed nude palm over eragon nipple, causing her to groan.

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He hurriedly removed her tunic and began stroking her breasts without the fabric in the way. As he did this, he eragon href="">suck a dogs cock the space between her breasts, slowly moving towards her breasts. When he reached her areola, she closed her eyes and moaned, wanting more. That was all he needed. He immediately began to suck on arya breast, using the tip of his tongue to lick her nipple, and roughly kneaded her other nude.

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He moved her free hand down to rub her cunt through her leggings. He scraped his teeth eragon her erect nipple, causing her to inhale sharply.

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He took his mouth off her breast, and began to rub both of her breasts. As hard as it was for Arya to focus, arya managed arya get Eragon's tunic off, and then removed both of their leggings, quickly exposing their naked bodies.

Eragon took his hands away from her breasts.