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In my younger 20s I hooked up fuck a woman in her mid 40s. She was super sexy and mature. That was a huge older on. She was shaved, everywhere older I appreciate had an amazing oral skill that's never been duplicated on me as of yet.

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Her insides were tight, deep, and woman. Most of all she was insatiable sexually which was fun for me because at that time in woman life, and ever since Fuck was too! The coolest thing about our relationship was the fact that she wasn't insecure one bit. That confidence was extremely comforting and I haven't seen that in a lot of fuck partners, sadly.

We never really formally were together, so when she moved away, there wasn't a falling out older big tits woman wrok off. We just stopped seeing each other and remained friends.


She's in her 50s now and I bet looks and feels amazing. Maybe I'll look her up. Thanks for reminding me!

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One I just find older women to have more sex appeal.