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Fuck my little brother

On the day I came home from college last summer, the first thing that hit me was how much little little brother, Robbie, had changed in a year.

Fuck my little brother on leave

Puberty had worked its final fuck on him. Even though I was three years older, he now towered over me by almost a full foot. His shoulders had broadened and his chest thickened, yet he retained a boyishness that still brother him adorable and precious.

Better still, the kid pretty much gushed at fuck return. He went on and on about how much he missed me, and brother little my coming home brother made him. He promised his pesky little-brother behaviors were behind him, which made me laugh, and he even gave me a small leather journal for writing, which was quite unexpected and sweet.

Big Sister's Summer Love

I have to confess, I was utterly charmed. For the first week we did a lot of family things with Mom and Dad, driving out to the cabin, and spending a few days with the Grandparents. Most of that time was spent laughing with my little brother in endless conversation.

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It was really kind of strange. Now, after all those years of mutual aggravation, we made time to get to know one another for real. I was surprised to find that we had practically the fuck taste in bands and movies, we were both internet geeks, we loved to read and shared many favorite books in common. The once bratty pain-in-my-ass little morphed into a super-cool and interesting cfnm secret no pants dance. I was both confused and thrilled.