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Hiking in the nude

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By Basha - Posted on 12 Nude While most people don't have much of a reaction to the mention of skinny dipping besides some gigglingwhen it the to hiking nude it just seems, well, hiking People who hike naked say they feel much more comfortable without the weight and feel of clothes and nude naked gives them a sense of freedom the enhances their experience.

Himanshu malik nude pics anyone who nude never hiked naked such as myselfsome questions about logistics arise like: What about bugs, chafing of sensitive skin and the comfort of jiggly bits hiking will be bouncing around for miles?

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Not a problem, say nude hikers. Sweat evaporates off your body much quicker without clothes that would otherwise hold the moisture making you less attractive to bugs. Plus, ticks are much easier to hiking with nothing on.

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Chafing of newly exposed skin can be a problem for some but a little Vaseline takes care of it. As for the jiggly bits, I didn't find any solutions to that one except perhaps to embrace the experience and freedom of letting them jiggle.

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In general, hiking nude in the United States might seem to be a bit of a new concept but is quite popular parts of Europe.