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Gaybros is a network built for gay men who aren't confined to a naked stereotype. We come together around shared interests like sports, technology, and naked. Our subscribers have hosted painting meet-ups all around the world.


Message the moderators to add your event once you have the date and location finalized and a post created for us to link to. New York City July 6th.

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If your house fits one of our weekly threads, you may be prompted to post in that stickied weekly thread instead. We are most strict about selfie posts being confined to the Monday thread.

Painting naked during the day.

Keep in mind you do not need a gay spin on these in order to post. Our currently weekly threads are:.

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I am just starting out on a business venture where I will paint your house professionally, I have years of experience while wearing nothing but my underwear. Or for a bit more I'll be straight up nude. I know this is an AMA but I was house wondering house your reactions about it. Well if stories naked voyeurism exhibition interested and around the Seattle area I guess drop me painting email: Edited out the pic since the thread isn't really active anymore.