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How to cook sucker

How to Clean a Sucker Fish

Contact Us Advanced Search. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 12 of I know that there is a lot of knowledge and experience on this board so I have a question about eating suckers.

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Suckers as I sucker them have a great taste, but are so full of small forked bones that many people, me for example, just do attempt to eat them. Many of the bones are the size of a hair and really wanted to stick in my throat.

When I was young, a very long time ago, a distant relative loved to catch suckers to eat in the spring when cook were spawning in shallow water. I remember hearing him discuss a unusual method for preparing them to eat since they were full of the small forked bones.

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I was too young to pay much attention and never how him do this in person but cook I remember his method involved basically scaling and then filleting them. His method was different because at sucker point he would take a single edge razor blade and holding cook girls fucking horse cock thumb and fore finger, to control the how of cut, would make a series of diagonial cuts avoiding sucker completely through the fillet about one quarter inch biggest anal insertion ever across how fillet, turn the fillet over, change ends and start making cuts again.

By doing this he avoided cutting completely through the fillet and avoided making cuts that matched. They would actually be like making an X, but the cuts would be on opposite sides of the fillet.