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How to play the choking game by yourself

Sharron Grant, a mother of three, arrived home on April 23 to discover something no parent should ever witness.

Choking game riskiest when kids play alone | Reuters

Jesse, her year-old son, had been strangled to death by the cord from his computer. Sharon said Jesse learned how to play the Choking Game at summer camp. Children at his school had been doing this for years, but on this particular day, Jesse was playing alone.

The Choking Game, also known as the Good Kids High, is defined as strangulation either alone or assisted with the hands or a noose to achieve a brief euphoric state caused by a lack of oxygen traveling to the brain.

Kids Are Playing the 'Choking Game' to Get High. Instead, They're Dying

Studies suggest that more than kids have died since ; most are well-behaved and successful children ages 11 to Kids play the game for a wide variety of reasons.

The choking game provides a free and legal high which makes it accessible to anyone and sheyla hershey nude photo. Common misconceptions are that there is no real danger and that it is significantly safer than drugs. This is definitely NOT true. After children try it, they game the risk of becoming addicted to the high. When a child starts choking alone play when most fatalities occur — yourself is clear the child is struggling with a very serious addiction.

Choking game riskiest when kids play alone

In total, the entire game takes less than five minutes from start to finish. It can be done nearly anywhere and no tools or the are necessary. It how be difficult to catch children in the act.