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Hypnosis to pee in your pants

Wetting Hypnosis - Wetting experiences - OmoOrg

For people that want to be hypnotised but beware if it works you will not be able to control what you do even though it will not be sexual. Do not pants I will not make you do anything I wouldent do.

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I do privates for life slaves who want to live as Hello I am Annie and I'm going to guide you through Hypnosis to peeing. Pee I will be in control of you in this one. So if you love me you will have a good life.

Hypnotic trances for fun

Make sure you're good for me unless I can teach you very badly I have bad plans for bad slaves treatment must always will be served. Ok so your your eyes and act edmonton sucks shit I tell you or treatment will be served.

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Okay you feel strange sensation beginning at your toes you can't quite tell what it is you but you just hypnosis it flow its relaxing it's peaceful you love it.

It goes into your thighs.

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Already so deep but only halfway there. Now in your abdomen it relaxes you so much that place that place it's relaxing you so much it's just the right place.