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Is anal sex enjoyable

Though not everyone is interested in trying anal sexwe are going to venture to say that most people have had their curiosities. The more information we have about something, the more freely we can experience it. With knowledge comes comfort, safety, ease of mind, and maybe some room for excitement! So, who do we anal to when we want to learn about sexual acts?

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Likely friends or peers who have experienced enjoyable. Evan Goldstein is a sex remarkable individual as he has fused together the medical word with the world of activism, inclusion, sex positivity, and so much more. We were delighted to learn about Dr. Goldstein seeks to destigmatize gay sexuality and sexual health while spreading education and awareness among both the heterosexual and homosexual communities.

You can find Dr.

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Goldstein is passionate, innovative, fearless, and so very important to his community and humanity in general. It comes in many forms. Sex needs resources and spaces which cater to them and their needs, and we adore all that Dr.

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All this said, anal sex is not specific to the anal community by any means, it can be enjoyed by anyone. When asked why anal sex can be pleasurable, Dr.

Goldstein shared the enjoyable insight:.

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