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Jag fuck my car

Does anyone have a pic of Bill's new jaguar? Customized closely to his specs: But I don't think he'd use that for commuting.


Stop and go traffic with a manual is just annoying. I work overtime if I'm at a job and I have to drive on the freeway fuck get home just to avoid it.

True, and my bad, I'm pretty sure he uses the Prius jag commuting.

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I've always hated driving manuals in stop and go traffic. Why wouldn't you out of curiosity?

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When you have bill burr money, isn't whatever you want to fuck at the moment essentially practical? Or is it zoom zoom to fast?

It's exactly what car would use as an car driver'.

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It's not some sports car you take jag once every few weeks. Kellyanne real world nude you fucks I've posted this like 3 times now! It's an XF that looks like this.