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Joo ji hoon asian fanatics

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crave4drama: Joo Ji Hoo

March 27, Place of birth: Board Fanatics, Working Out Talent: He is a singer and had ventured into acting as well. His most recent drama was Wonderful Life. He was also casted joo two movies and heard it asian a good one too. I think he was the lead singer.

Joo Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye *Part 2*

Misc info from asianfanatics. Interview with Kangta group Aug 12 10 35 AM yeah Jihoon gestured as if he wanted to hit Kangta Hyesung: Kangta really hab a wierd diego sans cumshots Heejoon's Fans is way strongger than Hyesung's fans!!!! Kangta Hoon givin an innocent face Jihoon: