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Something special is happening in Florida: Flip through video Playboy issues of the past few years and you'll notice a surprising number of Sunshine Staters appearing as the Centerfold. The latest is Kelly Carrington, who was born in New York and spent a couple of years in Sweden before putting down roots in the small seaside town of Stuart, Florida. Also known as -- anyone? The Sailfish Capital of the World.

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She's adult tv channels on pc accomplished athlete who played lacrosse and volleyball competitively. I felt the series portrayed Playboy in a really girlie, fun, all-American way.

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I was watching the show with a male friend who said I was just as hot carrington the Playmates on it. He sent in some pictures of me, and Playboy called me for a test shoot. When I got to the kelly, I was so excited to meet the photographer and see those life-size pictures of all the Centerfolds.

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I was pretty nervous, but everyone made me feel really comfortable. I've always been nude in acting. She has numerous creative impulses to follow.