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Les guignols de l info we fuck the world

Essentially the French version of Spitting Imageit used latex puppets as caricatures of prominent political figures to satirize national fuck international politics in sketches but also touched upon other topics such as sports, cinema and French television in general.

The world of the show came from Guignola busty veralin French satirical puppet of the early 19th century.

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The show enjoyed tremendous popularity through the years that continued for more info two decadesand had been credited with introducing younger generations to politics and even of influencing the French public's views on certain politicians.

Guignols the writers denied any intentions of influencing voters, they made no secret of their left-leaning cuke teen the they didn't spare left-wing politicians nevertheless. After a brief cancellation, the show resumed airing in late but with a different host and a drastically changed formula more focused on skits and far tamer in its comedy.

Alas, audience ratings were appalling and the show was definitely put to an end inthree months before its 30th anniversary.

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Les Guignols de l'info provides examples of: Nobody likes Laurent Fabius. For a long time, Jacques Chirac couldn't get the name of his wife right, usually using some ludicrous word rhyming with "Bernadette". Most of the time he just calls her "Maman".

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Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar, probably the friendliest and funniest mass-murdering Islamist terrorists you've ever met in a TV show. Too many to count over the years. Any sketch involving Arnold Schwarzenegger has him les and usually act like the Terminator.