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Lido adult theater dallas tx

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Located in suburban East Dallas, this originally opened as the Major Theatre in lido It was built for Phil Isley Theatres Inc. Interior decorations were by R.

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It was renamed Lido Theatre in when it went over to screening adult dallas. After closing an attempt was made to cum and pee porn it condominiums or loft apartments.

One more step

A colorful and unique stand alone theatre was sacrficed in the process. It had a large marquee with "Lido" spelled out with unusual white letters on both sides on a red background with a large decorative tower on one side and lots of lighting and neon.

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A fun research subject for someone who has the time would be to document the list of double-features that played this place for a decade when it was the Lido. I thought I was the only one who remembered the Adult. Right across from Samuell Park.

Lido Theater in Dallas, TX - Cinema Treasures

I was still a preteen, but every kid seemed to know what type of theatre this was. Back in the day, you would theater through there and it looked like an ordinary neighborhood. At night, that whole block looked kind of seedy with neon lights and the other strip clubs,and liquor stores that use to be up Samuell blvd.