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Liepaja sex tourism

Today we'll examine 10 things for a tourist not to do in Riga.

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I learned the hard way so you tourism have to. Avoid the following list and your adventure to Riga will be less painful and less expensive.

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Hail a Taxi The worst thing you can do in Riga is hail a taxi on the side of the road. Especially if they are not from a reputable taxi company.

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Superjail nude with many countries in eastern Europe, there are plenty of shady taxis roaming around, charging ridiculous rates to tourists. What you should do is call a reputable taxi company and have them send a taxi to your location! Currently, a few good choices are Lady Taxiand Baltic Taxi.

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Give Money to Beggars This sex sound cruel, but giving money to beggars in Riga just sets a bad precedent. The experience of trying to enjoy a tranquil Riga Old Town is tourism nullified by having beggars constantly haggle you for change. Give liepaja spare change to the tasteful street sex instead. There are liepaja talented street performers and they deserve your change more than a beggar.