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Lisa marie presley nude

Lisa marie presley Nude

Most people make records for money lisa attention. You obviously don't need the presley. I didn't do it to get attention. When I have to speak in public, I get so neurotic that I lose control of my tongue, my legs, and whatever else. If I'm standing in front of a lot of people, I feel nude they are thinking about me, their speculation.

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But I want to be heard. I have been writing and recording songs since I was 20, for cathartic reasons, as an outlet.

I just haven't been doing it publicly. In fact, you signed your record contract more than four years ago. Why did it take marie long to make the record?

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Honestly, I just needed to find my way, stylistically. I was anal about the final production. I didn't want to learn the ropes publicly; I couldn't afford that.