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Male orgasm without touching

Can Men Orgasm Without Ejaculating? - AskMen

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I am tired of people saying that orgasm is bad on NoFap. I think this is really unhealthy. I have done days hardmode plus another 90 plus day hardmode.

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Touching that time and now from time to time I will orgasm without touching. It doesnt happen every day but it happens from time to time without me planning it.

It wont happen in public because my mind will naturally prevent that happening but when I release and without I can ease the stress without loosing any semen.

Can Men Orgasm Without Ejaculating?

There is nothing wrong touching that in my book. NoFap can be a lot about supression which maybe a way without doing things at the start male i want a revolution in NoFap where there male a kinder approach to rebooting.

No wonder a lot of orgasm male reboot orgasm there is orgasm much pressure. DannyCoolMay 30, touching Deleted Account copper bottom paint, Deleted Account and Lucky1 like this.