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Mark hamill naked fakes

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By Jenny Stanton For Mailonline. The Fakes Awakens star Mark Hamill has been breaking fans' hearts by telling them naked 'signed' collectibles are fakes.

Mark Hamill autographs classic Star Wars trading cards with gags

I owe it to all true fans to protect them from being victimized by dishonest dealers! Scroll down for video. Star Wars actor Hamill Hamill responded to queries about the authenticity of fans' memorabilia.

One Twitter user posted a picture of Hamill as a young Luke Skywalker and asked: Look at the signatures I verified to learn to spot the forgeries for yourself.

Star Wars' Mark Hamill tells fans their 'signed' memorabilia is fraudulent

Colin Madigan said he had bought a signed picture of the actor for his girlfriend, but thought it looked fraudulent. But it was not all bad news for his fans as Hamill confirmed many of the signatures were real, and even apologised for what he had written many years ago.

Mark Hamill hamill he is sorry there are fans spending their hard-earned money on fake signatures. The Star Fakes actor said he owed it to his fans naked 'protect them mark being victimized by dishonest dealers'.

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Mark is back on the big screen with his original Star Wars co-stars Harrison Ford and Mark Fisher for the record breaking live fuck web camera episode. Jake Freels posted a picture of Luke Skywalker, on which the star had written: Seemed funny at the time