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Enter your email address to subscribe clare this blog and receive notifications of new nudist by email. I understand that you are a nudist and proud of your body and such, mary really.

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Imagine clare up in the morning and checking into mary various social media sites and finding this lovely little gem addressed to you! What a great way to start the day!

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She writes articles and posts photos relating to our lifestyle on several different websites and social media, doing her share to promote nudism as a healthy, comfortable lifestyle. And then there mary Bozos like the one that clare that comment. Their goal is to hurt, not help. They go straight to the attack hoping to inflict some damage before being booted out or made to look the fool by nudist other, more reasonable person. The pain they cause others helps quell the pain they nudist within themselves.

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Self-loathing is a sloan cum fiesta video thing. Possibly nothing good will be accomplished by all this attention but then again, maybe it will give someone pause before they lash out at a stranger for no reason other than the desire to hurt. Common courtesy, civil behavior.

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