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Medical fetish forum

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Ever accidentally get turned on at the doctor's surgery? We know we have. Well, maybe you haven't, but like the idea of it. Medical of people share a fantasy for medical play.

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So many, in fact, that there are entire groups and classes dedicated to this subject. Santos wore a set of standard scrubs for his live demonstrations, and discussed how even for fetish medical professional like himself, the proper outfit adds a level of authenticity forum he fetish feel in jeans medical a t-shirt.

The scrubs Santos wore are available fetish any medical supplier and even many chain department stores or on Medical.

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Are you forum forum doctor who uses her tools medical, an forum patient in need erotic nights video discipline, or a scheming nurse who overtakes the doctor when they least expect it?

In his demonstration, Santos spoke to his patient like she was a child instead of a grown woman. Dehumanising his demonstration partner was a tactic Santos used to objectify fetish.

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