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Mermaid breasts

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The cover for the Mermaid of Fantasy reboot pictured breasts right breasts generated a number of prissy blog posts from the likes female fitness half model naked K. Tempest Bradford — truly inhabiting a teapot — and Jim C.

Get the Pitchforks! The Mermaid Has Breasts!

Mermaid the cover features a mermaid who has bared breasts, it is somehow sexist. Never mind that the image in question here breasts not present the mermaid as a sex object. For if the cover wanted breasts emphasize the breasts, mermaid it would have made the glands in question ginormous.

Does one truly need to dredge up the many mermaid that have appeared in numerous paintings, sculptures, and artistic representations over the course of human mermaid Are mermaid numbskulls who object to the breast even aware of the women who have fought battles against Puritanitcal forces to breastfeed their children in public?

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After all, that sculpture actually has nipples! Should some generous soul establish a fund that would send Bradford and Hines on a trip to Paris, where they could then furrow their dour and humorless brows in a manner reflecting the significance of mermaid offenses, I would happily donate a few dollars, if only to see the French put breasts two Pollyannas rightfully in their place.

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I think she even stated she liked this particular piece. The problem is that RoF is well known for catering breasts male taste in their presentation of breasts despite the fact that its readership skews female.