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My mistress pierced my penis

My mistress pierced my Penis

My Gift Submitted by: S January We penis been married for 30 years and our lives were pretty much routine and average. We had a nice simple house, big yard, two dogs, a cat, and sexcyone bottom kacorot very much like every other house in the neighbourhood.

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I had a normal job with a little stress but nothing over mistress. She had her own job that she really did not need. She kept working just so she could get a discount and not get bored.

But all of that changed last New Year's Eve. It all changed because for my Christmas present, I asked to be her slave for a year. We had played sexual games in the past.

Penis piercing (shaft)

Sometimes she would capitulate and give into my desires to be submissive. Sometimes she pierced felt horny and wanted sex on her terms without all the fuss and bother. She was not into bondage, whips, or pain.