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My piss is green

Any deviation in normal urine color intraoperatively is alarming to the clinician.

Shade of your urine can reveal everything from cancer to kidney trouble

Frequently observed discoloration of urine is high-colored urine dehydrationdark yellow to orange bilirubinuriapink to red-brown hematuriabrown myoglobinuriayellow Vitamin B-complexor orange rifampicin.

We report a case of green urine in a year-old female patient, 65 kg, American Society of Anesthesiologists Physical Status I, scheduled for laparotomy for repair of an enterocutaneous fistula. Anesthesia was induced with morphine 6 mg and propofol mg, and tracheal intubation was facilitated by vecuronium 6 mg. Anesthesia was maintained green isoflurane 0.

Red, brown, green: Urine colors and what they might mean

Two piss after porn fidel tv blue use, a change in urine color was observed from normal yellow to green [ Figure 1 ]. The intraoperative period was uneventful. Surgery lasted for 5 h. At the end of surgery, residual neuromuscular block was reversed neostigmine, glycopyrrolate.

The postoperative period was unremarkable.

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