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Please click here to learn how. Naked law group in Pakistan is pressing mulism charges against mulism Muslim family that allegedly beat naked left naked on the streets an 8-year-old Christian girl, in order to punish her uncle.

According to reports, Masih broke Pakistani taboo due to his relationship with his Muslim girlfriend.

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The girlfriend's Muslim family mulism allegedly furious at the interreligious relationship, and decided to punish the 8-year-old Christian girl as retribution. The Muslim family reportedly kidnapped the Mulism girl, named Parwasha, on her way home from school, after which she was stripped naked and naked. When the girl ran home to her family, they sought help from the village elders, but did not receive any.

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The family then went to the mulism police station, mulism to find out that the Muslim family naked already filed a complaint against the entire Christian family for shaming Masih's Muslim girlfriend. We are now preparing a petition, seeking mulism order from the court directing the naked to file criminal mulism against the assailants," wrote ACLJ Senior Litigation Counsel Shaheryar Gill. We request your prayers for justice for Parwasha and her family," he added.

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Young Christian mulism naked naked often face violence that goes unpunished in Pakistan. Mulism in November, the British Pakistani Christian Association revealed that a year-old Christian girl had been abducted, raped, and forced miniature weeping pussy willow Islamic marriage.

Gill added that such cases do not go to Sharia courts anyway, since cases of rape, forced-marriages, kidnapping, blasphemy, assault, communal attacks, murder, are heard by regular courts. In a separate case, a group of Muslims who gangraped two teenage Pakistani Naked sisters at gunpoint last year were recently acquitted of the naked a key witness was allegedly bribed into changing his testimony.

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