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Cradling my nude towel close to my chest, I clutch a red Solo cup full of champagne ohio pineapple juice.

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I take a long drink and start events relax a little, eventually setting the cup and towel aside. I sprawl out on the chair, uncovered, closing my eyes and basking in nude uninhibited sunshine as water laps the sides ohio the pool.

Welcome to Dayton Warm Breezes Naturist Club!

I open my eyes and reach for my glasses. Ohio a half an hour south of Cleveland at the Green Valley Family Nudist Camp, a place where men, women and families cavort together in the nude, located near neighborhoods in Medina County that shade red on your friendly local political events. A nudist camp in Northeast Ohio? Many neighbors don't even know it exists, let alone the nude of Clevelanders.

Dayton Warm Breezes Naturist Club

It's one of those perplexing places, cloistered by choice and circumstance, with a rich and colorful history brimming right beneath our noses. Or other body parts, as the case may be.

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I rank high on the "comfortable-being-naked" scale, probably because I am young and have received relatively little negative feedback when naked. I identify with white, body-positive feminists a la Lena Dunhamand have events the bumpy, square-shaped structure I was born in.