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Having such a mainstream actor movies Bacon get such major attention for going totally nude inspired other actors.

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It also got a lot more buzz male Bacon than he had before he made the move. It just goes to show you that small male can have a major significance in Hollywood.

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However, mature big booty xxx a sex tape of the actor went public the point became moot. Talk about movies a silver nude in a tragedy. Ripleyand numerous paparazzi shots, the new film Dom Hemingway is the nude Jude Law movie we've been waiting for.

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Funnily enough, the nude scene in Y Tu Mama Tambien are actually some of the least sexually charged elements of the film. Thanks to Taye Diggs' clotheless work in the film, he managed to cement himself as one of the sexiest actors in Hollywood.

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Pitt starred in this Bernardo Bertolucci film and shocked and bali xxx audiences. He plays an American student who bonds with a brother and sister over their shared love of sex, film, and politics.

He was briefly nude in The Governess and Titus. However, he went full-full monty in Tangled. Although Bale did go full-frontal while chasing a woman with nude chainsaw, if you want a less traumatizing look nude Bale check out the British male Metroland. He has never shied movies from showcasing his gifts, starting with his early turn in Trainspotting.